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Talking About Making at the Met


This Sunday Professor John Dunnigan MFA 80 ID will reflect on the history of American furniture design when he speaks at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. He’s one of the panelists in a Sunday at the Met series on the art of fine furniture-making, inspired by the Duncan Phyfe exhibition on view through early May.


Watch our CEO David Binetti on CNBC Powerlunch

Let the Suuns Shine In


By Josh Dixon

Listening to Suuns’ debut album Zeroes QC, it’s impossible not to allow yourself to be transported to another musical realm. Quite simply, this album is a collection of instrumental jams, grimy rock n roll, and amazing lyrical composition. It is something I haven’t heard before. The first track of the album “Armed for Peace” was described by CBC Radio 3 as “a robot dying in the desert.” Make of that what you will, but after listening to the song on repeat for weeks, I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

The band hails from Montreal and has been active for just over two years now. In those two years, however, they’ve made quite an impact. Before they took off on a European tour, I was lucky enough to sit down with the band during their recent stop in Halifax for the Halifax Pop Explosion. When I asked why they began making music, they answered that this is just something that all four members have always been involved in and always had a passion for. When their paths crossed it, just made sense. As the interview progressed, no matter what question I asked or what answer I was given, this was the common thing. It just is what it is, and it makes sense. As vague as that is, when asking the band about how this breakthrough year has affected them, and how they have adjusted to a larger sense of “fame” I was simply told it all appears bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. It has no doubt been a whirlwind year for the band, bouncing from tour to tour, yet they maintain a “just go with it” outlook. 

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Icons I did for VMWARE Workstation 8


Every day in developing countries like South Sudan, hospitals are unable to provide life-saving medicine and medical care to patients in need. Often in isolated, rural areas, hospitals without the necessary medicine or medical supplies are forced to send patients on foot to a neighboring…


One longtime campaign manager said a system like Votizen could become a powerful tool. “On the surface it seems like a great gold mine of data” and could be “a terrific advancement in voter contact,” said Steven Glazer, the vice mayor of Orinda who managed Jerry Brown’s successful 2010 gubernatorial campaign. “For all the junk we invest in, that person-to-person contact is always the most persuasive, and if it comes from a friend, doubly so.”

…Mr. Dufty, the 56-year-old former San Francisco supervisor, is a believer in the tool. In an interview, he said Votizen will “absolutely” get him more votes. “I haven’t asked volunteers…to knock on strangers’ doors,” he said. “Instead, I’ve said, ‘You can tap into your social network and help me ID voters.’ “


Follow the steps to install it. Because it’s a beta, you will be required to update to the final version when it becomes available.

Mike Singleton of FourSquare recently wrote a blog post entitled, “Algorithms as a Service”:

I think there’s a market opportunity to crease an AAS (algorithms as a service) company which provides simple APIs to implementations of common algorithms… Algorithms as a service would give you…